That Crazy Golf Game


We've all played that round...... You're probably thinking, yeah what round? That round where nothing goes right and you can't buy a putt to save your life. Or that round where it almost seems as if you're not even trying and the ball just seems to fall in the cup every hole. We are a group of passionate golfers who want to share our experiences with you and other passionate golfers out there. The game is changing and it's about time. So be ready for 2013 and reading and interacting with all the people at

In 2013 we will offer course reviews, club reviews, sweepstakes, promotions, tour news, golf tips and funny golf stories from golfers just like you. That Crazy Golf Game is going to be the new destination for all things golf.

It is our goal to become an all-encompassing golf media company with a focus on golf lifestyle. We all have a passion for the game and want to share that passion with people who are interested in golf. We want to help a wide range of golfers from the weekend warrior to the beginning golfer to the best golf pro. So please feel free to come back in 2013 and review our site. We will be interactive, informative, social and somewhat controversial. We hope you get to play a few rounds in the meantime and we look forward to 2013. Subscribe above to get updates.